1- the renter certify and confess that I am responsible for all the information I have  given in this agreement. It follows that all the information is true and correct. I acknowledge that I received the car in complete perfect condition including all accessories, tires, engine tools and instruments together with the proper rent documents.

2- swear that I  will use the car only for my personal transportation.

I will not any modification in the car and its accessories. I will not tamper with the distance meter and I will not remove the identification poster.

3- declare that when I signed this contract that rented the car, I am aware that it is suitable for usage , it is faultless and safe for use. I promise to provide the necessary requirement for the car such as fuel and lubricants and have a regular check-up from time to time.

4- swear that I will return the car at the place and time specified in the contract. Any delay for any reason, the establishment reserves the right to inform the proper authorities. When returned, the car should be in the same perfect condition as when received.

5- The Establishment has the right  to receive the car from the concerned authorities and the renter will be responsible if he did not  return in the agreed time and without any previous notification.

6- I promise that I will not give the car to anybody. If that happens, The concerned authority has the right to impound the car and detain the driver and notify the Establishment to receive the car and the charges to the renter.

7- I the renter promise that I will not assign the rights of the Establishment towards another party and I will not represent the Establishment to the concerned authority.

8- In case of an accident involving the rented car, I should immediately report to the Establishment  towards another party  and the security authorities. I should adhere and follow the legal procedures, which is necessary in such cases.

9- Any damage happened to the car due to traffic violation, I will be responsible to pay the violation , I will be responsible to pay the violation fees and the value of the rent during the damage time up to the completion of the procedures by the car in a good condition.

10- Insurance will not be applied for the following circumstances:

a . If the driver is drunk.

b . If the driver is not allowed to drive the car according to the contract and any extension.

c . If the is used for a purpose other than mentioned in the contract and made an accident.

e . If the accident happened outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

F . If the driver age is less than 21 years

1 . If the contract is against third parties, the lessee shall bear all repairs of the leased vehicle.

2 . If the comprehensive insurance pays the tenant bear as follows.

A ) 1500 SR For small cars(  KORLA, YARES, ACCENT INTRA, I TEN )

B ) 3000 SR For the medium cars ( AMBALA, GENSIS, AZIRA, FORD TORRES, SONARA, HILUX )

C ) 5000 SR For large cars (for all types like super ban, tahoe,others )

11- In case of completion of contract I promise to return the car to the Establishment and pay all the incurred costs including rent , extra kilometer fees and repairs.

12- The conditions of the rent:

a .  The minimum rent period is one day ( 24 hours )

b . period of contract can be  extended with the agreement of the renter and the car should be there.

C . In case of delay on the agreed date of return , maximum forty eight hours, will be calculated on the following basis

Value of the daily ×no of hours delayed/24

d . If the renter did not apply or agree for extension , the renter will be charged the extra costs for the extra period till the return of the car to the establishment , which is an equal to 50% of the daily rent. If the deliance is more than forty-eight hours. He should also pay the value of the daily rent agreed in the contract including the costs of accidents according to the conditions of the contract.

e . Neither the renter nor the renter shall make any modifications in the contract after signing of the contract unless agreed by both parties.

13- The renter is responsible for anything left inside the car

14- in case of loss of car key from the client committed in this case an amount of 500  SR For the company but if the lost key provider feature remote control ( control die ) In this case, the customer bears the amount of 1000 SR

15- In case of delivery of the car in another city tenant bears the delivery costs outside the contract area, according to the agreed tariff

16- If it is proven use of the vehicle such as the need for non-drifting and racing speed or the like fine tenant ( 3000 ) Real without hesitation

17- meter tampering in the case of speed directly or indirectly borne by the tenant SR 1000 per day  for the company and bears of consequential damage to the motor car or any part of the car from the tenant bears the costs of the company bound for Tenant In this regard and had no right to challenge it.